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Ever thought of something, like a business or service idea? A lot of you must have thought of different ideas after watching Shark Tank India. Well, what if we tell you that there are strange businesses like the Nabhi Shaper in the market and some of them are even earning well?

Wacky or weird, whatever you wish to call them, they have actually stemmed from needs. So, here’s DIB presenting a list of crazy businesses that actually exist. Wonder how they came into existence and why didn't you think of them?

1. Fart Jars:

Many of you must have heard about this. For those living under the rocks, self-described fartpreneur Stephannie Matto was producing 50 fart jars every week until she fell ill and landed in the ER. She sold them at $1,000 a jar and made $200,000 by selling her farts in Mason jars. Yucks?

2. Doggles:

Who knew there were goggles for dogs? This business has been making quite a fortune actually! Some units were even brought by the US army to protect their dogs from sandstorms and sun while posted in Iraq. Doggles have prescription glasses for dogs too.

3. Bookmybindi:

Claiming to be the world’s first bindi portal, this business wishes to celebrate bindis. The owners claim that they have designs for all seasons, moods, occasions, ladies, children, and even metrosexual men. People can customize their bindis and also choose from silver, gold, platinum, and even diamond. Did we tell you? These are very expensive, the cost can go up to Rs.5000!

4. Reserve a Place in Heaven:

For only $15 this website guaranteed you a spot in heaven. It surprisingly comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t make it to heaven. People get a reservation certificate, an ID card, and a guide to get there. Their motto is ‘ We will refund you if you don't get there but don't worry, we are confident you will make it’.

5. Panda Ecological Tea:

This is the world’s most expensive tea. Pandas are known to have a weak digestive system and can only absorb 30% of their food. They consume bamboo which is very rich in nutrients. Yashi, the owner of this business is convinced that growing tea in panda poop has a lot of taste and health benefits. How much does it cost? A pound of the highest grade leaves costs $35,000!

6. Jewellery out of Breast milk:

Breast feeding is an emotional bond that a mother and her child share in the baby's first few years. But Jewellery from Breast milk!! Have you heard about it?

A Chennai-based artist is turning the emotional experience of breastfeeding into tangible keepsakes that parents can cherish forever.

30-year-old Preethy makes jewellery such as earrings, rings, pendants, and other keepsakes from breast milk. Most people buy this jewellery just to cherish that bond forever.

The trend is unusual but the demand is high.

7. Ship your enemies glitter:

You know how annoying having glitter all over can get, right? They are just impossible to clean! What better revenge there can be without any actual violence. All the sender has to do is pay the service, give the address and voila, glitter all over your enemy's place! This also includes a note telling the person exactly why they're got the terrible gift. A lot of glitters are mixed in the note to increase spillage! Pure evil right?

So, the next time you have an idea, don't just let it pass away. Who knows your idea could hit a jackpot! Well, one can dream at least!

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