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A common notion now is that the future is powered by plant-based businesses.

Tastes like meat feels like meat, cooked like meat but made of plants. Too good to be true? Heard of VEGETARIAN MEAT? You must be wondering, how can meat be vegetarian?

Plant-based meat has been doing rounds for a while now but recently has started catching fancy in the Indian populace. Information about this is still hard to come by, so we thought why not talk about it.

Celebrities have also started investing in vegan businesses that produce everything varying from meat alternatives to protein powders. The latest addition to this trend is the power couple, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. They endorse a brand by the name Blue Tribe. It has a range of products from chicken nuggets, mutton keema, and chicken momos, to sausages. The brand’s aim is to accurately replicate the taste, texture, and nutrition meat-based products provide. It is made of ingredients like peas, soybeans, and lentils.

Here are three main reasons for the switch:

1. Less Green Gas Emissions: 18% of carbon emissions are from animal agriculture. A study by NASA claims that the earth is trapping twice as much heat as in 2005. The temperatures are soaring by 18.3 degrees Celsius in Antarctica. We must reduce our carbon footprint right away before the planet loses its balance.

2. Say no to deforestation: Plant-based meat keeps wild spaces wild instead of cutting it down to make animal husbandry. It doesn’t render wildlife homeless and on the verge of extinction.

3. Cruelty-free: Modern-day companies backed by cutting-edge food science have started promoting conscious consumerism. They are doing so by producing superior-quality plant-based, meat products. These products are easy to digest, have more nutritional value, enhanced taste and texture. They also have. no negative effect on the environment. According to a study in GolbalData, 71% of people throughout the world find plant-based claims more appealing as they are aware of the inhumane treatment animals go through. Also, 8 times more resources go into producing meat as compared to plant-based products.

Choosing a greener lifestyle to rejuvenate our degrading planet is worth a billion times more. And, given the advancement in food technology, no one has to compromise the taste of meat while still contributing immensely toward a sustainable planet.

This brings us to the list of a few more vegan businesses running up and ahead in this business:

1. Imagine Meats:

Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh, the celebrity duo have launched their very own plant-based meat alternative called Imagine Meats. Their products range from ready-to-prepare meals like seekh kebabs, keema, biryanis, nuggets, and sausages. Started with sales in only Mumbai and now have expanded to Delhi.

2. Evo foods:

This brand makes egg alternatives. Their range of products tastes, scrambles, fries, boils & cooks omelettes just like an egg. Evo can be defined as magic made from plants!

3. Shaka Harry:

This brand claims to be as tasty as real meat and that the consumers won’t be able to differentiate between them and real meat. Their products are based on the idea that India has a very vast taste palette, they wish to fulfil it with plant-based meat alternatives which are great for the planet too.

Did you know? According to a Bloomberg Intelligence report. The global demand for plant-based foods will be 5 times more by 2030.

This brings us to why plant-based vegan meats are the future and why must you make the switch! So, what do you think?

How about taking the green step?

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