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5 Logo Design trends for brands to follow

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In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the decade had a turbulent start. It has not only changed how consumers communicate with brands but has also driven design changes. Many brands have taken this opportunity as a way to reposition themselves by embracing these changes and applying them to their design approach. By doing so, they have made themselves more relevant and fresh. Also, the up-and-coming brands have inculcated these latest changes and have pushed their creative boundaries to set a benchmark against their competitors. One of such changes has to be their LOGO.

Now, Rome wasn’t built in a day and so shouldn’t be your logo! A lot of thought goes behind that one single graphic which represents a brand. The logo explains who you are, what your services are, why you do it, and the process of it. It becomes the cornerstone that is present everywhere, be it your social media, presentations, marketing materials, business cards, etc. So, shouldn’t it be that impactful?

The 2021 logo design trends just don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection, in every aspect of design. We are all marching towards encouraging times in the design world where certain trends are starting to reign again and are sure to conquer. Let us take you through what went in the logo design world in 2021 and how your brand can still leverage through the changes.

1. Keep it minimal

Heard ‘Beauty lies in simplicity? While simplicity has always been a golden rule in design, it’s being appreciated more in this decade where people don’t like to be bombarded with information. Minimalism is the key these days! The simpler your logo is, the more memorable and easy to recall it is. By minimal we mean two or three colors, elegant yet readable fonts, some shapes, or illustrations. When you observe closely, major brands have mastered this technique. Remember Nike’s swoosh or the ‘M’ of McDonald’s? They are so simple yet so impactful!

So, while thinking of a logo for a brand that needs to stand the test of time, use minimalism to make it simple yet distinct and timeless!

2. Magic in the hands

Hand-drawn imagery came back in trend. It wasn’t just for the nostalgia it brought with it but also the imperfection that somehow looked perfect! When brands were looking to humanize themselves, this trend came to their rescue and helped them connect with their customers better. Brands got to introduce a more intimate and whimsical nature to their identity with this style, which made it all the more appealing!

So, while thinking of a logo for a brand that needs to be personal, this trend is the right one to incorporate

3. Going back to the basics

With this trend, brands not only went back to using fundamental basic shapes but also introduced classic symbols to their logos. The creative challenge here wasn’t using them, it was how to use them. They were modernized forms of icons or motifs from the back in the days, which were now being used to amplify a brand’s message. It worked wonders for some brands.

Last year saw a hype in designers using 3D designs in logos which helped them shift and change the perspective of the consumers. This year, getting back to the basics with symbols and shapes was the key!

So, when it comes to brands that can be aptly represented using shapes and iconic symbols, this trend is sure to hit it off for you!

4. Making nature a part of it

The turmoil at the beginning of this decade brought a sense of respect for nature in people. So, now when they see something that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural in some way, they are attracted to it automatically.

Also, when it comes to renewal, nature has to be one thing that is symbolic to it. Nature renews and refreshes when the time calls for it. Similarly, this for renewal this year, a lot of brands incorporated natural imagery in their logo. The purpose was to represent the great ambiance of the outdoors, if not fully show it.

So, if you feel your brand can hit home-run by smartly using leafy motifs, florals, and earthy tones in logos, even outside the health and environment sector, go for it!

5. Textual Overlaps:

Word-marks have always been popular instead of symbols or illustrations to represent a brand and create an impact. They tend to get straight to the point and never lack the potential of being represented creatively. They have once again become a rage as something is very intriguing and engaging about them. An exciting change that this year saw in this style was Overlapping. It was done in order to give more depth and certain motion to logos.

So, if you wish to achieve a logo that is eye-catching and your brand is something that needs to catch attention in a fun way, this trend can be your go-to!

Having said all of that, there were many trends that caught the eye of the public but these were a few that made their mark!

So, now if you are wondering whether or not should you use these trends in your brands, the answer is: YOU SHOULD! The advantages of keeping up with design trends are:

• It will make you look relevant and up-to-date.

• You come to know what your audiences are liking at the moment and how you can use it to become ‘their brand’.

• It is essential for you to be on track and become a better brand for your consumers.

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