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A Branding & Packaging Design Genius!

“Design is intelligence made visible”.

Who are we and what do we do?

De Icebreaker Creative Studio is one of the leading packaging and branding studios in India that plans to break the creative myths. We tell unique brand stories with our branding and packaging solutions & these stories are a bridge in selling the products.

At DIB we try to understand the brand strategies, craft brand identities, and visuals that blend with the audience’s thought process, and resonate with the brand’s overall look and feel. We make sure that the packages we design fit right with your brand’s requirements and work as a unique selling proposition. De Icebreaker Studio - as the name suggests, icebreaker means breaking through a channel. Our design processes break through the ordinary which makes it stand out in the market.

Basically, we do everything that the customer needs to interact with the brand.

A Team That Get The Creative Juices Flowing

The key highlight for DIB is the versatile team that has strong expertise and industry experience in the field of packaging and branding. DIB’s team has had strong industry experience coming from varied experiences in the field of packaging and branding; they put across a fresh perspective, helping in evolving DIB as a brand.

Our team has always come up with distinctive and innovative ideas that are sure shot winners and entice the clients. Our team is the driving force that keeps DIB’s work flowing and also puts client’s requirements into perspective.

We specialize in branding and packaging. We get to experience something unique and exciting with every new brief we get. Of course, there are new challenges with every new project, but our team gets through all the hurdles for a successful delivery. We make sure that we are not all over the place which is why we have limited our horizon and deliver only branding and packaging solutions. We provide branding and packaging solutions to budding & established brands; creating a brand identity or rebranding an already existing brand is what we do best. Our designs fit and suit the needs of the target audience, connect with their regular routine and blend with their lifestyle.

How do we work at DIB?

We ensure that the customer journey has a smooth flow which is why we focus on the touchpoints that have an influence on their purchasing decision. We ask the right questions to the clients that help in bringing more business to them. We craft strategies that are impactful and make the product stand out with a compelling packaging design.

Learn how we strategize to bring out a powerful design:

  1. Research: We dive deep into the customer’s thought process to bring out the brand’s true image at the forefront. We do thorough consumer & market research to create a lasting impression that leads to higher purchase intent.

  2. Product Strategy: At DIB we ensure that we create a packaging experience that stands relevant to the product that you want to put forward in the market. Our agile design process and world-class visual assets bring the brand story to life.

  3. Business Validation: We craft stories and present them through our honest and thought-provoking packaging designs. Our designs speak about your business in a loud and clear manner; and validate the overall business idea.

We create branding assets that help in designing sustainable businesses.

What do we offer at DIB?

DIB is a platform for brands, stakeholders, and anyone looking out to create branding materials and establish a digital presence. We get into the customer’s shoes, perceive their notions about the brand, and craft designs that stand as a winner in the market. Here’s a list of things that we offer as a branding and packaging solution:

a. Thought-provoking branding strategies

b. Services for brand identity

c. Appealing packaging designs

d. Innovative communication design

e. Sustainable design solutions

f. Effective space design

g. Responsive website design & development

h. Impactful social media strategies

i. Digital branding solutions

3 Steps To Project Delivery

We meticulously work on our branding projects making sure the aesthetic and the thought you want to come out through the visuals is well understood. We do a strong assessment about the market you are into; from your target audience to your competitors, everything is well researched. We follow 3 steps to project delivery which includes ideation, creation, & execution.

Ideation: This is our research and brainstorming phase. We dig deep into the brand history, research about the audience’s expectation from the product, and how the competitors are putting forward their product. We do a SWOT analysis of the brand and after figuring every minute detail about the brand, we then plan on how we will work on the branding & packaging.

Creation: After defining the perceptions, we then create opportunities with our ideas. We create a sustainable strategy that brings growth in terms of business for the brand. We ensure that the company budget and brand strategy both are in synergy before taking the project to the next level.

Execution: We are a team who work with purpose and execute our brand strategies across the chosen platforms in a way that gets the brand alive. We develop a brand personality with our solutions and make the customer get talking about it. Our executed designs are thoughtful, out of the box and add value to your brand.

DIB is a team of intrigued and passionate designers who offer branding solutions that speak stories, solve complex barriers and engage the audience through impactful execution.

If you too are looking for branding and packaging solutions we would like to grab a coffee and understand your requirements.

Let’s set up a meeting >


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