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Well, not everyone in this business will tell you this but that’s how we are! We like to break the ice even if that means being brutally honest in favour of a brand. It is this honesty and dedication that has made De Icebreaker what it is today, three years after its inception.

In our world every brand, no matter the scale is very precious. It is the whole essence of a company and must be treated with utmost care. This is what sets us apart!

We are not “yes” people, we ask questions, create ideas, trash them, get more ideas and then churn our best out. We not only build identities, but we also nurture, feed, and look after brands like living entities. We have even gotten recognition for it twice.

As a creative branding studio, our team has various backgrounds ranging from business, marketing to design which helps us have a vision for brands. We believe a little bit of everyone must come together to form a little something to a brand’s everything. When it comes to our vision, we are clear that are there is always something more than what meets the eye, which is also the main motto of our new revised logo. We know that a brand isn't just an attractive logo, it is the whole experience. We believe in breathing life into brands with multidimensional ideas. We do that with laser focus!

In today’s scenario, where while running day-to-day operations, brands as a whole tend to take a back seat and we realise someone has to take the reigns in their hands to take the brand forward. We are the right ones! Why? Because for us, every colour, every element, every letter, a single dot and even a blank space has to have a purpose to serve. We always carefully cultivate the art of branding.

It’s been a learning unlearning journey with our clients till now but it hasn't been anything less than an adventure. We at De Icebreaker don't even believe in anything which is less than challenging because, to be honest, where is the fun in working then?

We are looking forward to many more collaborations, new people to work with, new challenges to take head-on and of course, new milestones to achieve.

So, if you wish to get cranking on ideas and high on chai and adrenaline, our yellow door is just a push to open!
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