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LINKEDIN: The Ultimate Social Media Platform For Brands

When we ask you to name social media platforms, what are your answers? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are on the tip of your tongue, aren’t they? LinkedIn isn’t even an option there. But did you know that LinkedIn was there even before your beloved social media platforms? That’s some news, isn’t it?

Businesses tend to underestimate the power of LinkedIn and toil on making themselves present on other social media platforms. Why? They think it will be better to promote their brands to ‘real people’ because they are the buyers.

The common stereotype states that LinkedIn is a place for professionals, recruiters, and students. While this holds true to some extent, brands are missing out on the bigger picture here. Imagine, over 600 million members in over 200 countries and 300 million active users, LinkedIn is your playground with no boundaries. It is the largest professional networking site in the world.

Simply unrivaled when it comes to helping in building professional connections, LinkedIn is the perfect asset for any business. Let us prove that statement!

1. Aids with building brand:

brand building

The most attractive feature of LinkedIn is that it is not just ‘show and tell’, it’s all about ‘show and sell’. Consumers and top talent get to know the brand and its story effectively. Brands can showcase professional assets, past experiences, connect with professionals, and organizations, it is an asset for businesses who want to build their brand.

2. Better than Twitter and Instagram:

linkedin marketing

While Twitter can be all about business its limited approach reduces its usefulness. It can be used for announcements, news, or trending topics, but users can’t look for past information or posts. With Instagram, it is more about sharing pictures and videos rather than the whole business. It is safe to say that it can be deemed as the ‘Instagram of brands’, in a productive way.No other social media platform now is as well-strategized as LinkedIn for people across all generations or groups.

3. Important networks, no creeps:

brand stratergy

Network, network, and network. LinkedIn is an ocean of networking possibilities. Even for someone who is an introvert and doesn't want to out much about their personal lives, unlike other social media platforms, where they can actually make meaningful connections even with their industrial role models without facing hate networking and comments.

4. Wider business prospects:

brand identity

LinkedIn is more professional when it comes to providing legit business opportunities. Other social media platforms are important too but LinkedIn outperforms them all. LinkedIn is handier when it comes to work-related information.

5. The no-nonsense platform:

Social media is made for fun but we’ve witnessed what too much fun looks like. Mindless scrolling on the glut of viral videos and memes clogs the feed and useful information gets neglected. LinkedIn on the other hand saves one from controversy and confusion. Posts are usually very insightful actionable and to the point. Brands can tell their stories in the most effective and professional manner there is.

All these points should be kept in mind and LinkedIn should be a part of the brand’s social media marketing plans if they want to see real results. Keep up on the LinkedIn game, stay up to date with news, features and go through various company profiles that share the same interest and goals.
So, what are you waiting for? Get Linked and get In!

Images Source: Google

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