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Ready to make your brand ready for Gen Z?

It all feels like the world of packaging has lately become a high school where every year brings something, something to learn and teaches edgy ways to make a statement. It’s up to you, either get with it or get out of the way!

Surprised? Don’t be! This is exactly the hip and cool way in which Gen Z functions!

‘Gen Z’ aka Zoomers are currently the world’s first digital generation, come of age. They are more diverse, educated, well-informed, and technologically savvy. Due to this, they have already shaken brands, making them rethink strategies and plans. So, when it comes to packaging, a crucial component of branding, brands must reflect the certain generational components which are peculiar in Gen Z.

In the world of packaging, a book is judged by its cover. To catch the attention of the new consumers, packaging must generate multi-level interest. We feel the change in branding and especially packaging has become the new constant with our younger generation. Designs are no longer given the tag of ‘timeless’, they have to be something new, interesting, and engaging. Brands that are jumping on the bandwagon of change, get to embrace an opportunity of letting the past go and have fun with their designs.

Over the years, working with several brands, we have discovered that packaging in pace with the time helps find an unraveled connection with the young consumers. As packaging professionals, we have realized that now everything about a brand has to be progressive to keep up with the pace of change.

Let’s see with what components, brands can tap Gen Z as the next big consumers:


Brands can take transparency here can be taken figuratively or literally, as Gen Z is interested in both. The fact that this generation is always in a hurry, transparency in the form of a little window or any creative cut-out, can help them decide at a glance if they like a certain product. Transparency in terms of company values and practices also plays a big role when shown creatively on the packaging, like different icons of the brand being sustainable, eco-friendly, or fresh.


In this world of overloaded information everywhere, simplicity and minimalism are what stand out for Gen Z. Product packaging of a brand must fulfill its need by making its USPs clear and easy to understand, thereby increasing the probability of purchases. The right use of punchy copies, bold typography, and vivid colours can become the ultimate deal sealers.

Tell a story:

This generation looks at having a more personal relationship with the products they consume and directly interact with its curators and creators. So, giving them a sneak peek into the brand’s world help with forming brand loyalty and interest.

Be innovative:

With Zoomers always on the lookout for something new, different, and surprising, brands now have a scope to innovate more. With advanced technology, now printing is quick and efficient. Brands can now experiment with their packaging to make them more customizable and ever-evolving at par with time. They have grown up surrounded by diverse people and have been in touch with diverse cultures through technology, so brand’s media homogenized looks weird to them. Innovation hence is the ultimate way to bring freshness and energy to brands.

Provide an experience:

Other than just being a practical tool, the packaging is a sensual experience. It must engage and connect with the audience in deeper ways. Everyone loves something intriguing and if they love a certain packaging they might want to show it off on social media. The next thing you as a brand know can be you getting famous overnight and getting known for doing something new. That is the power of social and packaging combined. Good packaging? Not a bad investment, isn’t it?

Each brand can have a certain personality but it all comes down to how they appeal to their target audience. As we have already discussed the gen Z bringing so many new paradigms to the market and emphasizing the importance of brands that are exclusive, sustainable, and help with connectivity in their strategies. The same now applies very well to brands and their packaging companies.

Now is the chance and time to listen to the youth and re-evaluate packaging. Is your brand and packaging company up for this challenge? Because we surely are!

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