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Evolving market of packaging design in India

Do you see old products with new packaging every now and then? Wonder why your beloved products don’t just stay as it is with their packaging. In this ever so evolving world, packaging also should keep changing to meet the consumer's behaviour and brand requirements.

Packaging shouldn’t just be seen as a container, in fact, influences buying decisions. If it is at par with the trendy colours and conveys a brand story, there is a high chance that it is going to be bought. For Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, the packaging is the final contact with the consumers and it becomes necessary for them to be interactive. It helps communicate a disruptive image and helps it stand apart from the peer shelves.

Most of the brands are going ahead in the direction of personalisation and evolving quickly thanks to the new technologies. Here are some areas in which evolution is the only constant.

Trends in Design

As Steve Jobs once stated ‘Simple can be a lot harder than complex’.

Customers always want to understand what they are purchasing and where it has come from. The packaging here thus acts as a conveyor. From using too many colours, quirky texts, and slogans to simple packaging, the evolution of packaging has been quite gradual. Now, the latest trend is simplicity. So, each message any brand wants to convey is displayed simplistically, so people understand it easily. Making these packages are a constant challenge for brand owners, designers and marketers.

Sustainability is the way

Hopefully now as the dust is slowly settling on the pandemic, people and businesses have affixed their eyes on being sustainable. They have even resorted to carbon net-zero initiatives. This evolution will be on the basis of the brand's awareness of how specific materials pollute the environment and the carbon footprints it leaves. We feel strongly that this year will predominately be dominated by a push in the direction of plastics that are recycled, less usage of plastic altogether, and more innovative ways to drive businesses.

It’s all about interactivity

Online purchasing trends and innovations have made people more interested in engaging with brands. As a result of which, more and more products are making packaged in a way that keeps the buyer entertained in an immersive way.

Developing technology is directly proportional to interactive packaging in the modern-day packaging scenario. Not a very new phenomenon, it unlocks a brand’s full potential and helps with its exponential growth. The QR system is here to stay, this is something COVID taught us. As and when it is required, much information can be taken out of the packaging and can be kept as a QR code. This allows the package becomes simpler and more sustainable.

E-commerce Packaging

In the pandemic era, e-commerce became the ultimate saviour as consumers limited their visits to supermarkets and shops. Even though online platforms were a big part of our lives, the pandemic forced it to become more than that. It became essential. Online brands owing to this, have started looking for new ways to suit the calibre of this newly found fame and status. They want their customers to keep coming back and one way is to evolve the style of packaging into something more customisable and personal. They do this all the while keeping in mind, the selling and re-selling techniques of their brands.

India like any other market goes according to the global trends to stay relevant in the market. We are sure that 2022 will see the emergence of more packaging capabilities, sustainability, interactivity, and further trends ever-evolving and surprising!

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