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Packaging Design trends in 2022 for brands

2022 is around the corner and so are new packaging design trends. This year is going to bring significant changes to brands, their business strategy, and the personal feelings of the consumers related to them. Trends tend to persuade brands to rethink their positioning, brand information, and basic values.

They also make brands think over their front-most self on the shelf that comes in contact with the consumers when they buy something: THE PACKAGING.

Here’s DIB telling you about a few such trends that will be prevalent in 2022

The beauty of nostalgia

Wish to go back in the past? When things were rather easy and normal? You aren’t alone and this is human tendency. Due to the pandemic, the customers have started living in the perception that past times were good old days. While going back isn’t possible, nostalgia in packaging does quite the deal. When done right, nostalgic packaging brings back positive flashbacks and fond memories of the consumer’s pasts creating an instant connection. It can be used as leverage to spark excitement and remind the buyers of the golden days that have gone by and are still cherished

It’s all textual

People tend to forget that typography is an art. Type-centric packaging has and will never lose its charm. This type of packaging is apt in cases where a text can make more sense than an image. Loud, modern fonts where one can go crazy with well-suited color combinations for every product category can do wonders for a brand. It relieves designers off from the pressure of finding/clicking the right pictures and they can create one-of-a-kind text designs for their packaging.

Minimum outside Maximum inside

Companies have started to create simple exteriors and keep an element of surprise inside by putting interesting elements. The simple exteriors give all the necessary information neatly in short and the insides surprise the customers which tends to be an element of surprise. It works well for consumers who are looking for something extra at the same time want something elegant. Instead of being too flashy on the outside, designers tend to make the interiors full of colors and graphics that are associated with the brand somehow and that forms an ultimate connection with the user. This is a unique way in which brands can appeal to their audience and stay on top of their minds.

Sustainability is the key

In the last few years, sustainability has become a crucial part of packaging and this phenomenon is here to stay. Biodegradability is the major factor in the path of this sustainable packaging. This implies that such packages will get destroyed naturally in a garbage setting with the help of bacteria or other creatures. These packages won’t be recyclable and won’t be aimed at allowing materials to be used again and again. Some packages are also plantable, meaning once their use is over, elements in them can be used as seeds for new plants to grow. Such packages are the best option as they are eco-friendly and don’t disturb the cycle of the ecosystem. It can also be achieved by using raw materials, eco-friendly inks, and water-based protective coatings.

Show and tell

Stories have the power to sell the brand and its products effectively as they are interactive. Illustrations on the packaging are one of the best ways to tell a story and using this each package can tell something unique. Illustrations are reigning in the design world currently and they have also started taking over the packaging industry. If choosing this style is a brand’s calling, it is important to pick an appropriate illustration style, which complements the brand. Copying popular illustrations wouldn’t create the required niche and it becomes really important to stand out with authenticity. The chosen illustrations must match perfectly well with the brand identity and voila! The brand’s recall will increase and the connection with the audience will be established.

So, whether you are a start-up or wish to rebrand your packaging, this is the right time to switch and get updated with an upgraded package. If you are stuck or have concerns which from the above will suit your brand, feel free to contact us.

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