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Packaging just packaging? Think again!

Remember the last item you bought. Did you eat, drink, paint, or wear it?

With items in mind, what did you think about its packaging? Were you thinking about safety, design and looks? Or maybe just a temporary role of a protector of its contents?

You buy many items based on the package, don’t you? With all the advertisement and media hype, people now tend to rely on the packaging, especially while buying from retail shelves. If you don't read newspapers habitually, or if you don't have the patience to watch TV commercials, how do you need to know which brand is right for you? A good packaging thus sells itself and there’s no question about it! The packaging industry is at the heart of the perfect storm. It's the epicentre where consumers, products, and money mix in a spectacular demonstration of the "buy or leave" verdict.

So, for all of you asking: What’s in the packaging? We’d say a lot!

Here’s DIB listing out reasons why packaging is the king:

1. It Adds the Drama:

A good packaging creates a beautiful sense of suspense and anticipation. When a consumer sees a beautifully packaged product, it entices them to buy and open thus creating an element of theatre effect. It becomes an experience for the user and a way to assure them and deliver the brand promise.

2. A Personal Touch:

With everything automated and mechanised, personalisation in packaging has become all the more relevant. It is an effective way of marketing and telling the consumers that the brand cares for its consumers.

Often used as a social attraction, it encourages the consumers to flaunt the personalised product online and in person. This becomes the ultimate word of mouth. It is all about creating the right emotions and giving the audience the ‘right feel’.

3. Helps Stand Out:

Packaging is one way of building and promoting the brand. For this, it is essential that the brand values are immersed through everything, down to the packaging. With the creation of something iconic like Tiffany’s little blue box, a brand can create its niche and become known worldwide. Similarly, we created packaging for the Nutroma, particularly their seeds packaging which shone bright and was highly appreciated. With that packaging, we made sure that the consumers will always remember and come back in times of cutthroat

4. Builds Brand Narrative:

People love narratives that hold their attention and what better to tell your story than a portable billboard: the packaging. Why do they want to know the story? Because everyone likes a good story! We did the same for a card games-based brand called Nonsense. They wanted their packaging to tell the story of their brand and attract their target audience with quirk. It became a success to say the least!

Speaking directly to the consumers through the package design gives way to the marketing and sales pitch for your customers.

5. Influences Consumer Behaviour:

With so much noise and clutter in the product world, good packaging can do wonders! It is directly related to the quality of the product when it comes to being noticed on the shelf. Aesthetics like colours, typography, contrast and other graphical elements weigh down to become the decision making factor. Products attractively packed are chosen irrespective of the value when it comes to competition. All this together influences the last few crucial minutes of the final decision of the purchase cycle.

So, if you were living under the impression that packaging is just packaging, now you know where you went wrong. With these points in mind, if you think your brand needs some jazzing up in terms of product packaging design, connect with us. We have two awards for it! Not kidding.
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